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26 Feb

2010 will be a memorable year full of milestones for me.  Second and youngest son will be off to college, leaving Patty and me in the proverbial “empty nest”.  Thankfully, Tom received some great scholarship monies, so dad’s bank account won’t be an empty nest with two sons in college!
Turned a milestone age this past year, this in conjunction with Tommy graduating High School, really gave me pause; wasn’t I just in High School?  If that’s true, how come all my High School friends look like they are ready to retire.  I, certainly do not look that old, do I?  Better check to be sure, now where are my glasses..?
Funny, the last high school reunion I went to was seeing everyone on “Facebook”, what a hoot!  Technology is so cool (when it works).  Amazing how many friends you reconnect with.
As a Church Administrator of a large, thriving, healthy church, I have the wonderfully unique privilege of participating in significant “Kingdom Building” projects.  This year we are adding 14,000 square feet to our preschool building, along with beginning construction on a $4 million sports ministry complex (football, track & field and soccer) that will be part of a growing recreation ministry for Calvary Baptist Church, Calvary Christian High School and our community.   Great opportunities, that represent significant milestone events. It’ the end of February 2010 already, but I sense this year is going to really fly by.

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