Calvary’s Sports Ministry Complex Ground Breaking, 12/05/2010

14 Dec

I love ground breaking events!  Not for the usual reasons of they are fun, exciting, you get to see lots of important people and they get you out of work or school!  No, I enjoy them because I really understand the teamwork and coordination that goes into the hundreds of hours invested in bringing a project to the ground breaking event.  In fact, let me make a stronger statement, “I respect and admire the depth of individual commitment, the coordination of teamwork and  passion level leadership must possess to create a culture where the team is willing to sacrifice so much for a greater good!”

I have first hand knowledge on the level of commitment and leadership passion on this project, as I have the pleasure of serving with a superstar team! Pastor Willy, THANK YOU for your  leadership vision and boldness in casting this extraordinary vision from God!  The blessings of your obedience are already evident!  Thank you Dr. Howard Howell for your willingness to chair this team, you have been a pleasure and a joy to work with, inspiring us all to do more! Coach Greg Thiel, David Kilgore, “Buckshot” O’Brien and Art Kader-you are a Superbowl team, engaged in Kingdom work with an attitude of humility and graciousness, thank you!

So, when the construction dust settles and their is “football in the air”, I know who I want to be sitting with in the grandstands of Calvary’s new Sports Ministry Complex! Please join us for that first football game this fall, I promise you it will be a historic event you will never forget!

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