The Rock & The Barn

02 Sep

Once upon a time there was… No, I won’t make up a story. In fact no fictional story could ever come close to the reality of “The Rock & The Barn”! Don’t believe me? Well, please read on!


Aerial view of THE ROCK

You see, The Rock is the name of Calvary’s new sports ministry complex that will not only be home to all Calvary Christian High School athletes, but will allow Calvary Baptist Church to minister to thousands of families by providing a warm, welcoming and safe Christ-centered environment where they can play and have fun! Currently, Upwards football uses the field to play their games! “Thanks” seem inadequate to the Christian men and women who are volunteering to coach, referee and mentor these kids. They do this because they love kids, period.
We will also host Upwards soccer later in the year. The Rock is a solid place for kids to play. The Rock is a blessing from a family who has partnered with Calvary to “expand Christ’s kingdom through CCHS”. We thank God for this family, for His blessings and certainly understand the responsibility that comes with such a complex. My prayer is that we minister to thousands more kids than we ever thought possible. To God be the glory!


At Calvary, we LOVE kids! Kids of all ages are a big part of who we are at Calvary. As God has continued to bless us at Calvary, we realized some time ago we would soon run out of space in our preschool area. Well, we knew we couldn’t let that happen, we LOVE preschoolers!

So, with lots of planning, and listening to input from some really smart people, we added 17,500 square feet to our existing preschool building!  This facility is phenomenal!  Eleven large new classrooms, a 4,000 square foot assembly hall equipped with audio & video AND THE BARN!  The Barn is about 2,000 square feet of 2-story FUN!  An indoor playground so fantastic KIDS will surely bring their PARENTS to church!  As you enter the campus from McMullen Booth Road, you will no doubt, see The Barn!  We purposefully gave it visibility as you come in.  Hey, we LOVE kids, remember!?

The next time your kids say, “let’s go to church”, please let them bring you to Calvary!  They’ll love you for it!

And when you see kids in your neighborhood dragging their parents by the hand, saying, “Let’s go to the Barn, Let’s go to the Barn”…

Now you know the story of “THE ROCK & THE BARN”.

Grand Opening, 9/18/11

This new preschool area is open, but we are having a Grand Opening on September 18, so please plan on being part of this exciting event!

Inside the new preschool entry- almost finished

Outside the Barn looking in. “Let me in!”

The Barn is an adventure for kids!!
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