Discovering Dynamic Life

11 Feb

We’ve all heard the expression, “Actions Speak Louder Than Words”.  This is specifically why Patty and I decided to host a Life Group on Saturday Nights at Calvary.  We wanted this action to shout, “Life Groups are fundamental in maturing as a disciple of Christ and YOU need to be in one.”  “Life Groups are so important, we will host a group, even with our busy schedules.” “Being in a Life Group will change your life.”  “All the best people are in a Life Group.”

Amongst all this rhetoric, the real reason we decided to host a Life Group, is the Holy Spirit convicted me, “Big-Time” during a staff discussion concerning Life Groups!  Even though I participate in a Tuesday night Life Group, His spirit commanded me to host a Saturday night Life Group!  It’s a good policy to listen and obey when God speaks to you!  So, we are meeting in HS 136 at 7:15 p.m. Saturday evenings.  We would love to have you join us!  Let me challenge you to join a group, any Life Group!

Letting YOUR action speak by joining a Life Group will be the best step you will take in 2012!  Why would you not want to grow closer to God and spend time with some cool new friends?  Because your already too busy?  You’ve got soccer practice for the kids, projects due at work, too much driving around as it is. You’ve got a million reason why you don’t have time.  My challenge to you is to find one reason to spend 1 hour per week in a Life Group and 15 minutes a day studying God’s word (check out Pastor Willy’s blog about this)– reading specific scripture passages and think about what God is communicating.

Then, let your actions speak in response to what God asks of you!  It’s what Discovering Dynamic Life is all about!

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