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2013 Year In Review-Calvary Church

“Statistics should tell a story”- Margaret Thatcher

Oh, what a stories Calvary‘s statistics tell!  Compelling stories with drama, action, hope and prayer.  It is a story that reveals a Godly vision through a Lead Pastor who knows how to lead and inspire!  The story reveals the obedience and the faithfulness of His people, demonstrating unwavering trust as they invest in God’s Kingdom.  It’s a continuing story that proves God still works miracles every day.

Bill Hybels, Lead Pastor at Willow Creek Church in Chicago says, “The local Church is the hope of the world.”  I couldn’t agree more.  Looking at the “stories in statistics” below, you would have to agree that the Calvary family has HUGE hope and faith in God’s Kingdom through this local church named Calvary.

CLICK on the below link to open “2013 Year in Review” document

2013 Calvary Year End Summary

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Calvary’s Student Ministry Center- UPDATE

Renovations are in ‘High-gear” to complete our new CBC – STUDENT ACTIVITIES CENTER by late October!  We are working at a frantic pace installing new HVAC system, electrical, fire safety, lighting, flooring, a new stage area, sound booth and the needed audio and video to complete a venue that will allow Calvary’s Student Ministry to continue to grow, and more importantly have a place they can call their permanent home.  Gone will be the days of setting-up and breaking-down the Anderson Center for every Student event!

Interior Renovation Photos

Future worship space

IMG_0828ImageSound Booth framing

Thanks for your vision and faithfulness 

Because of your generosity through our “Open Doors” vision campaign, we purchased this 4-acre property (December 2012) at 150 S. McMullen Booth Road for $2.25M and are now spending approximately $600,000 in renovation dollars.  We are transforming this former office building into a state-of-the-art Student Ministry venue.  Initial remodeling of this 17,500 sq. ft. building will renovate approximately 8,000 sq. ft. into a worship and gathering space. In the future we will complete phase 2, which will remodel the other half of this facility into Student GroupLife space for Community and Life classes to take place.  Of the $2.85M in costs for this project, we have used “Open Doors” cash of $1.65M to pay down this debt and pay for all renovations to a current amount owed of $1.20M. Even better, thanks to your continued faithfulness in supporting our vision campaign, we will be able to payoff the remaining balance by the end of 2014!

I hope you can share in the excitement our entire staff and leadership has for the future of our Student Ministry at Calvary. Working in concert with our own Calvary Christian High School, our new East Lake campus, that strategically sits in front of East Lake High School, our Student Ministry Team and prayer, we certainly are positioned for some exciting times ahead! My prayer is that we energize and engage every student in the Tampa Bay area to love Jesus! Are you with me?

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After a successful launch of Calvary’s new East Lake campus, where there is a ‘family” gathering of over 700 each Sunday, we are ready for our next adventure.  Here we go…


Calvary has recently purchased a 17,500 square foot building on 4 acres of property at 150 S. McMullen Booth Road.  This property is contiguous to our main campus on two sides, allowing for easy access from our internal parking areas.

The team has been assembled. Budget numbers are being crunched. Pre-construction/renovations meetings have begun and plans are coming together for what will be a student ministry facility that will include a worship area, gathering areas, breakout rooms and office space for staff.  It will be space that will allow our student ministry to continue to flourish and grow.  This facility will be a place that will attract students from the entire Tampa Bay area, allowing us to “build relationships” with new friends.

Watch for our “grand opening” September 2013 and join us as we embark on this new journey to reach every student for Christ in Tampa Bay!  HERE WE GO…