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Students Dedicate New Student Ministry Center

This was a special Wednesday evening.

It was an evening that led us around a new corner, onto a new road “for life’s journey” in our Student Ministry.  This roadway will challenge our students (and all of us) to keep our “spiritual engines” tuned at all times.  For there will be tremendous “traffic” on this roadway.  Traffic of the lost, traffic from the “left-lane goose-neckers”, traffic from the barricades and construction zones of life, and traffic from those that simply cannot read a roadmap. Questions will be asked, intentions will be questioned.  Jesus is the answer, period.  That’s the only answer that matters.  That’s the “why” of this journey, that’s the purpose for positioning our Student Ministry in this new Center.  Think of it as a Servant Center, instead of your local service center.  As Paul writes in 1 Corinthians 9:19, “For though I am free from all, I have made myself a servant to all, that I might win more of them.”  Our students dedicated themselves last night to be “servants to all”, so they may bring more to Jesus!



Scores of students pray with Pastor Willy as they dedicate this Student Center and their lives as servants for Christ


In just a few short weeks Calvary’s new Student Ministry Center will be open for “service” with students ready to drive with you along the roadway “for life’s journey”.  

Middle school/high school student have questions, need help?  Talk to one of our students servants, I guarantee the’ll have “the answer” for you!

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iPhone 4 Blogging

I am blogging from my iPhone! How is that for cool technology, “blazing thumbs”. Yes, I could use my full-size keyboard on my Mac which is right in front of me, but there is just something about blogging on my iPhone. Maybe the compactness, possibly the more relaxed position I am sitting (kicked back in a recliner), more like I just wanted to try it!

We have had some great improvements to our website. On our “Staff” link under the tab “About Us”, we now have Social Media icons that allow you to one-click your way to a blog, twitter or Facebook post from the staff! We do want to say in touch with you.  Also, on the bottom of our “Homepage” we have added icons to take you directly to Calvary’s new Facebook page and Calvary’s Twitter page.

Please check the calendar for lots of great events happening at

Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday!

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