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Building (Relationships) @ Calvary

At Calvary we are all about “Building Relationships”, whether that be through a Life Class, a Community Group, volunteering in one of our many ministry areas (hint, we need you) or you just have lots of friends and neighbors you invite to Calvary, we LOVE people!  And people LOVE Calvary!  Consider this past Easter, almost 7,000 folks worshiped with us at one of our campuses!  It’s obvious Calvary folks really love to invite, to bring, and talk to other’s about their church!  Contemplate this fact- Calvary Christian High School is currently at 380 students and will be at or above 420 students this coming year!  Space is at a premium.  Actually, it’s way past a premium, more like “super premium”!

So, to remedy the “people love Calvary so much syndrome”, we are adding space to our campus with 2 construction projects.  Both projects fully funded by you!

1) Additional Parking- we are adding 120 new parking spaces just north of our baseball field.  Paved driveways will also provide a new entry/exit into our Student Center.

2) Expanding Calvary Christian High with approximately 20,000 square feet of fully equipped classroom space.  This expansion includes 11 classrooms, one band room, a choir room, teacher’s offices and planning areas.  A premier facility for a superior school!


Rendering of CCHS Expansion

This expansion will also include a new 7,000 square foot expansion to Calvary Church’s main lobby space.  Our new atrium-style lobby space will include a DYNAMIC Resource Center, a cafe/coffee bar and plenty of comfortable seating for you and your friends!

So, please pardon the interruption, excuse the mess for a while!  Construction begins NOW on the parking, followed by the CCHS expansion in August 2014.

We’ll keep you updated, you keep praying!

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